Spa- and Wellness Centre Sárvár

This wing of the spa is responsible first of all for relaxation with thermal baths and adventure pools. It is separated from the family spa, therefore our guest can enjoy undisturbed the relaxing and warm thermal water.

In the pools that are filled with the excellent medical water of Sárvár, the silky water percolates the body and the soul, making one to forget the everyday worries and curing the aching joints and rheumatic complaints.
The small springs, the shoulder massagers and the drift corridors (lazy river) of the adventure pool offer an excellent opportunity for relaxation. 

Pools operating throughout the whole year at the spa wing:

 outdoor adventure pool (32-33 °C)
 indoor adventure pool (32-34 °C)
 indoor thermal water adventure pool (34-36 °C)
 indoor thermal water pool (36-38 °C)
 outdoor thermal pool (36 °C)

The water of the indoor spa pool is cleaned by a most modern watercleaning technology: by ultrafilters. It allows to use the medical water in the pool in original form without adding any cleaning chemicals to it.

Family spa

A place, where both young and old members of family can enjoy themselves! The new family adventure world is connected to the spa with a spacious corridor. Here even the youngest can enjoy swimming and floundering safe and sound every day of the year!

Everyone can make up his choice among the slides with different slopes and sizes and among the family and children pools. This building with the size of 5000 m2 resembles an antique amphitheater and recalls the idyllic feeling of the South-Pacific, providing a wide range of adventures:

swimming pool with artificial waves, baby pool full of baby toys and baby slide, a giant jacuzzi is located just next to the babies’ pool so parents can keep an eye on their youngest, kids’ pool with slides, aqua canons and sprinkle gate, broad family slide – fun for the family, green tube slide, not only for children, 3 giant slides both indoor and outdoor, winding around the building, playing hall with nursery-school teachers, the supervision of children is free of charge, babies-world: baby kitchen, changing table, tepidarium, playing corner, resting room, a 25 meters swimming pool, bowling, spacious rooms to relax, giant sun terrace

What makes all these really unique of their kind?
In addition to the new family friendly wing of the spa; a new ultra-filter water clearing facility was introduced. From now on we are treating the water of our pools in an environmental and health-conscious way with the help of chlorine-free technologies. As a result, we can provide bacteria- and chemical-free crystal-clear water that is not irritating to those having a sensitive skin. 
Next to the baby-pool a baby dresser room, a baby-mother room, a baby-warm up room and a baby kitchen equipped with a micro-wave and baby food heater make week days easier.


From the 1st May until the end of September our guests can enjoy splashing in the outdoor pools with pleasant water temperatures! 
Giant slides, different sports opportunities, games and animation programmes offer both old and young amusement. 
Adventure and entertainment with no limits:

♦ beach pool

♦ diving bay

♦ 4 course race water slides

♦ wave pool

♦ 7 giant slides - among which some are quite extreme

♦ kids’ adventure pool with pirates’ship and water fortress

♦ kids’ adventure pool

♦ baby paddling-pool

♦ playing grounds, playing fields

♦ retro medical water pool

♦ sport fields, beach football, beach volleyball, petanque

Sauna world  

Oasis of relaxation, where sauna fans can make up their choice. Finnish saunas, bio sauna, steam sauna, steam bathes, aroma cabines, Kneipp pool, adventure showers and giant jacuzzies take care of the refreshment of both body and soul.

The sauna-world is a pearl within the Spa. It is a small island, where calmness rules and the outside world stops existing at one stroke. It is also recommended for those, who do not like the too hoot saunas because here apart from the traditional Finnish saunas our guests can choose from a wide range of other options as well. The quiet and relaxing environment is an excellent place for recreation.

From autumn until spring you can experience the natural fragrances during our special sauna-séances that include among other: Sárvár salty, honey, fruity, yoghourt and chocolate flavours or ice-cold infusions! The fantasy of our sauna masters is boundless. Let yourself being enchanted! 
Following the Western sauna traditions, the Sauna-World is an area without swimming suit. Sauna towels are available to our guests free of charge. Deposit is required.
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